Saturday, March 19, 2011

His Hazy Horizen

Day in, day out
They are all a blur
When longsighted fantasies
Never focus on day to day

And the steady hiss
Of paved over rivers
Calls me through

A riptide current
From the soul

It’s amazing how the miles
Eat holes in the soles
Of the fee of a man knows
Should be dragging

But even hot asphalt
Reflects the blue of the sky
When you look far enough ahead
Of yourself

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Butterflies Are Killing Me.

I just realized
The thought
Of my life without you
...still hurts...
I can still feel your presence
Hidden in the shadows
Of my mind
Of my.heart.
And like a severe trauma to the skull
The impact of you
It seems I can't have
What we should have had
(I miss what we had)
I don't know how to make this feeling
Stop trying to scrape its way out of my ribs
Because I want to fucking
...The butterflies are tearing my heart to shreds...
And it feels so good to bleed