Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Apocalypse of The Mind

Whisper to the ever lasting endeavourence
A solemn reminder of the forgotten reference
Lost into the abyss of a never ending cycle
Straining for some relevance that is more than a trifle
The needs of a soul flutter and whither
Like winged euphoria turned ever bitter
The tempestuous release of knowledge as it were
Is nothing more than broken lies flying past in a blur
Unknown doubt is contained within
Tears of an angel turned unexpectedly to sin
Justice that hinders on a whim of a ghost
Evil that strikes when you’re venerable the most
Notorious dementia creeping from the soul
The link to the unknown finally takes its toll
The root of all evil harbored in the mind
That relentless anticipation that’s one of a kind
It waits for the moment to strike the weak
The innocent mind soon turned completely bleak
Like a babbling fool that spews misinformation
No one should ever seek such discrimination
This tale of horror will transpire forever
But the only way to prevent is your self endeavor

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