Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fucked Up Fairytale

Maybe I don’t love you anymore
I should’ve taken the hint
When the butterflies in my stomach
Slipped into a coma
And the stars fell from my eyes
Make a wish my “LOVE”
Before they hit the ground
And shatter

I have finally realized
You are just another Peter Pan
You will never grow up
And I just can’t make my morbid mind
Grasp happy thoughts long enough
To make it to Neverland

Don’t get mad at me for
Telling Tinkerbell to shut
The fuck up
Spouting all that shit about
Pixiedust when I found out
I was allergic

I guess I forgot I believed in
Happily Ever After
As I was running away from you
And the glass slipper

The bedtime story is going
To have a different ending
For the Sleeping Beauty doesn’t
Want to wake up knowing
How many girls you kissed
The same way

And I could never compare to their
Artificial responses
And practiced giggles
The only reason I’m
Fluttering my lashes
Is because I have something
In my eye

I could turn this all into
Poetic promises but
The cloud I’m on has no
Silver lining and I am sick of
Turning your words
Around to make me feel better about myself
When it never works

All the colors in my rainbow
Have bled together turning black
There is no pot of gold at
The end only heartache
And hopeless tears

Rapunzel has jumped from the
Tower window with her
Hair around her throat
I guess she got tired of waiting
To be saved…

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