Monday, January 17, 2011

Away From Me Forever

Why do I force the graves to bury me faster?
Than I could pray they ever would? And even though
That cold air breathed its last breath away
From me tonight I still tried to feel where
The hurt could only grow into another rainbow
Loosing its favorite color

This disease called loneliness whispered louder
Than I ever anticipated it to; and even though I know
It was yesterday that I quit smiling at the Sun
Slow dancing its way into a slow death
That called itself “Polite”
I still heard singing Halos loosing their Faith
Just like me

And yet here I am with another shovel
In my hands digging my own grave just
To show this world that I was never good
Enough to let you pretend that I could
Breathe past the walls than one day ransomed
Another heart ache back to Heaven

The tourniquet felt so good tonight
As the blood dripped black from my eyes and I became
Just as meaningless to everyone else I knew who said that
“Tomorrow I would be ok” but even I saw
Past those lies that hurt so bad which I knew that
One day those crying eyes would
Close them off from the world forever

Shadows fell down like kryptonite
Getting lost behind a haze telling another star
Where to go; but as the day turned those grey
Clouds into a sleeping slumber I still tried to
Believe where dreams never come true for me
Past another blind light fading, fading, fading
Away from me forever

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