Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cracked Lungs

i love how the thunder cracks
and rips apart my eardrums
as i stand out in the rain
trying to be hit by a lightning bolt
to see if it warms my heart any

its numb for being frozen
and the rain that seeps
through my skin
trickles in pattern
like a teardrop

and i swear
if i gave you my heart
it would drop twenty more degrees
and shatter on the floor

and my paralyzed fingers
would pick up the pieces
and the jagged edges
would cut my fingertips
and i would bleed on my heart

every beat is slower
with paralyzing poison
pumping through my veins
and arteries
right atrium
and ventricle
poisoning them
suffocating them

and in the end
i'll still be out here in the rain
waiting for the lightening bolt to strike
breathing through cracked lungs......

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