Monday, December 20, 2010

Tie A Noose Around My Neck And I Will Hang From The Pleasantries

The stars burn out
In the pale blue sky
While I sing drunken
Helplessly waiting
For the sun to rise

Eloquent breath shall take flight
Through the strictest silence
Where no sound may be
Like a lonely mango-bird
Over restless seas

(So e’eryone may hear)

The swift and lovely dreams
Which travel the waves of slumber
Occupied by thoughts of “now” and “then”
Are meant to carry me to You
Whether they shine or overcast in gloom

Flowers fall, tossed in the breeze
And I swore the river ceased to flow
This essence passes not for a minute
But into every night of sleep
Where are souls bound so fast
And we watched spring unfold from our pillows.

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