Monday, December 13, 2010


Eve’s Hollow calling me back home
Before it’s too late to recognize that
I wish I could die before the dawn
Breaks yet another wasted
Breath away on me again

I wish the skies would rain down
On me again just so they would
Take away the pain of the
Pictures that live in between the
Multitude of colors that love to echo
Outward through the rainbows
That use to hold me close

So close; so damn close
I almost came to know what
It was like to feel again today;
But I choose to look the other way
Before the same old clouds decomposed
The solitude that prayed I’d
Stick around here like glue for
Just a little longer

Falling down on mudshovels
Closing  in on me making my
Own grave come alive again;
I cant help but sing; sing
Out loud to the wind that carried me
Back home to where I belong forever;
To rest on Halos empty smiles digging
Me yet another happy place to stay
Forever silent; while you watch another star
Fall from grace just like me

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