Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Thought I Saw Judas Steal A Kiss From Lucifer

And I wandered into
The whites of the walls
That only got closer
That shut myself off
Away from this ugly world
Who never could
Forgive me anyway

I thought I saw Judas
Steal a kiss from Lucifer
Who just sat there smiling at me
As I begged and pleaded
For a bed of roses to
Lay my body to rest
But once again I was denied
As my pain set in
I realized that
Even the empty holes of my heart
Could never mend back together

And it was then that I saw
A thousand laughing faces
Laughing at nothing but unison
Of a worthless kiss that I
Received tonight from a betrayal
Never forgiven of me

Seduction was in reach for me
But I was denied it's envy
A woman of my word
Because that is the only thing
That I will ever let go of
Of which is an honesty so real that
It paralyzed you
As soon as you touched it

1 comment:

  1. Very enigmatic. Lots of food for the imagination to feed on. Well done!