Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In My Rain

Have you stood in the porcelain
Showered in the cold ice of pain
If you have
My friend
You have stood in my Rain

Staring into the night
The deathly feelings of loneliness
Cowering by your side

Don't feel so empty
Don't feel ashamed
Just step next to me
I've been there before

Looking in the cold white complexion
Not wanting to feel it anymore

Plying open your chest
You see the two beating halves
Mind staring into the cold dark past

Twisted smile creeps around your lips
Visions of harpsichord suicides encompass your thoughts

Why don't I do it tonight
Make it quick
Make it easy
No one will miss me
Come stand next to me
Don't worry
It will all go away

Close your chest
Back away
Learn to love another day

Shut your eyes
Take a breath
Just put this in the back of your mind

Just take a deep breath
Soon you will find
Those lingering clouds will soon part
The thing you feared
New love
Will mend your heart

Those thoughts in your head
Deep and dark as they are
Will soon disappear

That once far off person
Who once believed in themselves
Will soon re-appear

One day you will be able to say
Come stand with me
For you stand in my Rain

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