Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sincerely, Scorned

Dear My Love,

I was faithful to you
Even though I shivered in the darkness
Played with fire
Pined for desire

Disaster came
And struck my soul
To return a favor
Brittle and cold

I was your best console
For I ate your poison
Diseased and trapped
Eerie voices

Abused and dismantled
Your honesty's wrath
Has landed your happiness
Derived in your past

Foolish endeavors
Explains the heart
I cried on your shoulder
Alone in the dark

A soul is enchained
For your love is vain
A broken sparrow
Alone in the rain

Cloudy days of sight
I no longer see the light
Far beyond a pointless needle
A night of endless cries

Below a stature of fumes
An abyss is formed
A sniff of mutilation


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